About Me

Have a nice Friday, Sebastian!

I am Sebastian, I like travelling, (punk-)rock music, video games and am definitely an optimistic person. I have no special talent for writing or anything else, so please excuse me if my texts are not that easy to read. I  like being for myself so I usually have a lot of time to think and dream away but never wrote about my thoughts, except on Twitter. Now, as I turned my life in a totally different direction, I think it is worth writing about my experiences, things a like, things I don’t understand and hoping to produce something valuable for those reading.

In case you want to contact me, you can find my contact information in the imprint. Most reliable option is to text me on the number provided, but any other channel like email or social media should be just as good.

Hope you enjoy reading my very personal notes. And don’t hesitate to comment or contact me in case you have any questions or the need to add something.