Dinner with Locals & First Steps in Bangkok

Today’s plan was getting comfortable with the streets of Bangkok, finding a nice cafe to organize things back home and having dinner with Belle’s friends.

My first morning in Bangkok

First of all, I had a good sleep, as always. No big difficulties adjusting to the arctic air-condition, the  hurricane-fan or the fact that I was sleeping in one bed with a girl from the other side of the world I only met eight hours ago. When Belle got herself ready for work I woke up for a moment but did not really open my eyes and quite easily fell asleep again giving in to my jet-lag. As a result, there was no morning for me t all. Finally I woke up around noon to have a couple of hours before the planned dinner.

Checking the surroundings

Scanning the apartment again, without touching things or looking in any closets, I had a more detailed look around being alone now. Belle had a lot of cosmetics from Germany, especially from dm. She took it from her last trip a couple of weeks ago to Germany and Switzerland. And she offered me to use the toothpaste, shampoo and other stuff. So for the first days I was equipped with German drugstore articles. Nice. The I made a few snapshots out of the balcony from the surrounding buildings.

Going out and getting around for the first time

When I left the apartment for the first time, it was already afternoon. That was fine for me, was it the first free day I had since I quit everything at home. I had to take a jeans with me as the restaurant Belle will take me tonight has a dress-code. Of course I did not want to wear it when walking around the city, instead I took it with me and planned to change on some toilet later. Taking the SkyTrain into the city center was easy again. In addition to the ticket machines there are also ticket counter equipped with real human staff, but they won’t sell you a ticket, they just give you change in case you don’t have coins for the machines. And you can buy your Rabbit card there. Even though Belle told me to buy such a card, I didn’t do it at this time as I was to lazy to think about the configuration I would need.

A first look around

As it was already late in the afternoon I decided to drop off at a station somewhere near tonight’s restaurant. Belle told me to meet at Hotel Muse. She said to have some vouchers for discounted foods or drinks. I walked up to the Erawan Shrine where I took some quick pictures. Later today day I found out that there has been a bombing one year ago at this very place killing 20 people.

My place for today

The cafe I found to sit down at my computer was quite nice for a first shot. Though it had no WiFi it was at least air-conditioned and I could share my mobile connection for my computer, no big deal. It was the only time so far I really managed to use Skype and to figure out its capabilities. First of all I purchased credits for 10€ and set my German mobile number as the caller ID so using Skype shows my real phone number to those I call. 0,07€/minute will be charged for calls anywhere in the world, that should do it for a while. Keeping contact with family and friends will be done via Facebook or WhatsApp (video) calls anyway, most of all I needed this option to call old-school phone lines for arranging my insurances or communicating with any official institution. As 19:30 was approaching I changed my pants in the toilet and could imagine now how wearing a wet-suit must feel, having the jeans on and as a result started feeling the 35+c° immediately. Nevertheless, there was no doubt I would manage this first uncomfortable situation.

Dinner and Drinks at Muse Hotel

Arriving at the hotel, after just a five minutes walk, I was waiting for only a couple of minutes until Belle’s Uber arrived, too. One of the girls I already saw in the lobby was her friend, but of course we didn’t know each other until now. I don’t remember the girls names, but both and Belle where working in international companies, responsible managers for HR and other positions. The view from the rooftop was very nice and the ordered food was well. Also according to the interior, starting down in the lobby, this definitely was an upper-class location. This was confirmed to me as soon as I saw the prices for a beer. It seemed that those who can effort it, have no issue with actually spending their money. The girls recommended me several times to try one of the cocktails, but all I wanted was a simple beer. After we finished the food I was not really full as the portions have been quite small and everything on the table was shared anyway. And still, you can see my share of the bill.

Getting back home

Uber seems to be the way of how to get from A to B in Bangkok, Belle called one for taking us home. On the way to her apartment we dropped of her two friends at different places.

Let’s see what’s waiting for me tomorrow.

Today’s Data
Screenshot of my Google Maps Timeline on 2016-10-05
Screenshot of my Google Maps Timeline on 2016-10-05

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