Leaving Home for my next Destination Bangkok

Today I am finally starting my journey. Leaving home for an indefinite period of time. Going by train to Frankfurt Airport and then taking off to Bangkok.

“All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…”

Leaving home for a long time was never really something I was thinking of a lot during the last weeks. Maybe because I haven’t had the time to think at all. Only 35 days have passed between quitting my job on August 23rd and today. And there is still a lot to do. I still have to cancel the rental contract of my flat, sell a lot of stuff, don’t have a travel insurance yet, etc. But first things first, and getting some distance between myself and my old life is the first thing to do. My preparation should be as good as allowing me to take care of any pending issues remotely.

I spent the few days I had with my family at my brother’s new house. So I did this last night. I had all my things packed. I always keep things simple and never end up in a hurry before leaving for any fixed schedule. Miri and I got up around 6:00, I took a shower, got dressed, said goodbye to Marius at least two times, and then we took off on the rainy roads from Oberg to Hanover Main Station. We were good on time, stopped once to gas up and arrived early enough for some last hugs. I had no expectation of this moment at all, but it definitely was the hardest goodbye I ever had. Miri took a last picture of me fully packed in front of the railway station and then we parted. At this point we did not know for how long. There was no perspective for me coming back at this time. And you all know these goodbyes when you just need to get over the moment, one of us two has to start going, stop looking back one last time, stop waving, just turning around and go, not looking back anymore.

My last ICE train ride for an indefinite period

I grabbed a last snack and drink and then headed to the platform. After a few minutes the train arrived and I entered. The train ride was nothing special, I didn’t think a lot and it was routine for me going to Frankfurt airport. I arrived at the well known terminal for long-distance trains and made my way to the check-in counters as I had to check in my luggage.

At the airport

Unfortunately I directly found out the negative aspects of not going with the major airlines – you have to go to terminal 2, either by bus shuttle or SkyLine. As I already had entered the building, I chose the SkyLine. Terminal 2 is less crowded but it takes you another 15 minutes to get there and the options for food are less then in terminal 1. The second disadvantage was, check-in is not possible 24/7 but only at certain times before flights, so I still hat to carry around my backpack for some time. But in the end, of course, everything worked out fine and the SriLankan Airlines plane seemed to be quite new.

The flight

Better than expected. For the first time I did not book with any of the major airlines, instead – as I am unemployed now, with no fixed income and had to watch my expenses – I booked the second cheapest flight I could find. There was a flight with China Airlines via Shanghai that took twice the time for 50€ less. And besides the operation at the airport it was definitely worth the deal. The food was good and the board entertainment as well.

Leaving home, now. Tomorrow I’ll be in Sri Lanka, Colombo Airport for a 4-hrs stopover.

Today’s Data
Screenshot of my Google Maps Timeline on 2016-10-03
Screenshot of my Google Maps Timeline on 2016-10-03

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This was an overnight flight and I spent the night on the plane.


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