A Rainbow Cheesecake for a Friend’s Birthday

My main objective for today was to get a piece of Rainbow Cheesecake as a present for a friend’s birthday and working at Hubud to make progress on my blog.

Starting my Day in the Pool

Before I went hunting for the Rainbow Cheesecake, I got up and directly went to the pool. Like in the last days I swam a couple of lanes and enjoyed the early sun. But today it was more cloudy and even started to rain around 10:00 so I went showering and could start my more important activities for today soon.

The Rainbow Cheesecake

After a few laps in the pool I was a bit nervous because I definitely wanted a piece of the Rainbow Cheesecake from Daily Baguette and they only had two or three pieces a day, at least that’s what I saw at their counter the last days. I was successful  and got one piece, safely stored in my scooters helmet compartment, I drove directly to Hubud for shooting a nice photo and assimilating the cake.

Awesome Vegan Buffet for Lunch

Even though the Rainbow Cheesecake was quite stuffing with all the cream on it, I got hungry again as I thought of the vegan buffet I had two days ago. So I went to Sawobali Gallery And Cake Shop again. While having my lunch a German girl on the next table got my attention as she was taking care of some injuries, obviously from a scooter accident. She was quite lucky, nothing serious and no open wounds, only bruises. We made an appointment for dinner, at my secret place Warung Gauri.

Indonesian Dinner at Warung Gauri

We made it quite simple, she had a fruit salad and I was happy with a Nasi Goreng and a large Bintang beer. I think I was back in the hostel and already in bed by not later than 23:00 today.

Today’s Data
Screenshot of my Google Maps Timeline on 2017-01-24
Screenshot of my Google Maps Timeline on 2017-01-24




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