Welcome to Bangkok after a Stopover in Colombo

Welcome in Bangkok after a  quick transit in Sri Lanka and made my way to Punnawithi waiting for my host. The we finished the day with a Thai BBQ.

Arranging some basics at the airport

I was a bit excited as you formerly would need a confirmed return flight out of the country to get the free 30-day tourist visa upon arrival – and of course, I had not return flight booked. But in the end no one asked my anything, so I got stamped and entered Thailand: Welcome to Bangkok. No issues with my luggage as well. The first thing I did was getting me a Thai SIM card with as much internet volume included as possible, I could pay with credit card as I had no withdrawn any cash yet. I was still i my habit of paying with plastic wherever possible, so I just procrastinated going to  ATM. Nevertheless the SIM card was already working in my OnePlus 3 and that’s what counts. I was settled.

Making my way to my host’s location

Lazy Sebastian has not withdrawn any local cash yet but I had to purchase the train ticket and needed cash for it, no cards allowed. Thanks to my friends Anja & Holger I luckily had 200THB with me – the best farewell present ever, foreign currencies cash – thanks guys! Airport Rail Link ticket to Phaya Thai purchased. This is the last station, I had to change there for the BTS/SkyTrain to Punnawithi.

I was early and Belle was still working so I was looking for a place to spend the afternoon and have some food. I walked quite a while, back and forth. The 101 Sports Bar was still closed until 17:00 and I definitely needed something with air-condition. I ended up in a small cafe, no idea what the real name was. The first Thai meal I had was fried pork with cabbage. It was OK and very basic.

Welcome to Bangkok: Meeting at Belle’s Place

After coordinating via WhatsApp when to go where exactly for meeting with my host, we finally met and she showed me her apartment. Is was only one room with a small bathroom and a balcony with a small kitchen sink on it. She had a lot of stuff and I got comfortable with the place easily. I took a shower and put on some fresh clothes so we could go out for some food.

Thai BBQ for dinner on my first day

Belle took my to a place called Best Beef. They are serving typical Thai style BBQ and it was already very crowed. It was noisy, very hot and steamy. They had an all-you-can-eat offer even incl. beer. There was no buffet but you had to order plates of the kinds of meat or vegetable you’d like to have. Belle took care of the orders and we where quickly settled with two hot pots with charcoal in it burning on our table. The meat was not as we know it from German BBQ, it was more like thin slices you would have on a bread. I ate quite a lot and was very happy about the included beers. The BBQ itself was also a very nice experience, directly on the first evening. Good start. Welcome to Bangkok. We finished and Belle called an Uber to take us home.

The first night

We started arranging the sleeping conditions, I had a camping mat with me so I was not expecting any issues. In fact, I was quite surprised when Belle insisted on sharing her bed with me, I tried to convince here sleeping on the floor would be just fine, but she didn’t want to wake me up when she had to move around in the morning. So I agreed. Her bed was really big and the mattress was really, really hard so you were not moving a single centimeter when lying down. Even without taking care of it too much, there was easily one meter of space between us all the time – so I was fine with it. The next thing that was new to me was not only turning on the air-condition on a very cold level, but also a fan, directed to the bed, on maximum level. Belle was fully covered by a huge blanked not leaving a peace of her face uncovered, I did the same otherwise I would have suffered from under-cooling after just one night, in Thailand.

Today’s Data
Screenshot of my Google Maps Timeline on 2016-10-04
Screenshot of my Google Maps Timeline on 2016-10-04

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Belle from Couchsurfing was so kind to host me.


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